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Indulge Siren Of the Month

May 2019

Siren of the Month Winner Is...
Harsy (Harshconsequences Resident)

We are Proud to Announce our May 2019  Indulge Siren of the Month: Harshy (Harshconsequences Resident)

Voice Escort

"I am a babygirl, soft, cuddly, charming, and often snuggly.
I am a playful brat; love to joke around and have a good time.
I am a tease, inspiring desires and stirring sensations within.
I am a pleaser, seeking to fulfill your naughty appetites.
I am incredible; forever learning, growing, adapting and evolving.
I am.. Harsh 'Crayons' Addiction.​

Indulge Yourself...
Siren of the Month Runner Up is...
Meet Our Runner up for Siren of the Month Miss Ava Pink.
Siren of the Month Third Place is...
Meet Our Third Place for Siren of the Month Ms. DeVil.