Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge
                                                                        SecondLife's Best Kept Dirty Little Secret...

White Party 6 pm Slt On Friday Nov 11th... Anything But Clothes Party Nov 12th at 6 Pm Slt ...Every Wednesday is Hump Day ! Ask a Siren for more details!

           ☆Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge Twinsie Raffle☆
                       ☆November 1st- November 30th☆

Ever Dreamt of Taking Home Two of Delicious Indulge Sirens? At The same time?!?

Now you can, with our Twinsie Date Raffle! Each ticket is one shot to take home TWO of your favorite Indulge Sirens.... Each Dynamic Duo gets their own winner to which they provide an Hour long date... What could you do with Two Delicious Ladies for an Hour! Miss Phe and Miss BB making you drool? Miss Irene and Belle giving you daydreams? Kate and Blue makign you shiver? Minah and Day making you have Cravings?

Come Indulge Yourself in a little treat today ... 

                        Also Hiring DJs/Dancers/Escorts!
Please come visit or Message Phedre Luckless for more details!
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Your dirty little secret.. Playground... salacious little home away from home where the girls always welcome you in with a wicked little smile... drawing you in with their soft, sultry voices... teasing you as your eyes take in the curves of their half bare flesh... Don't you want to come play?