Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge
                                                                        SecondLife's Best Kept Dirty Little Secret...Indulge Yourself...

║💋 Indulge Promotions Presents : Chills & Thrills 7/13 @ 7 Pm Slt💋 ║

Indulge Promotions Presents : Chills & Thrills 7/13 @ 7 Pm Slt

​Our Sirens are hot,...too hot, and they need a little help cooling down!
We provide the ice and you tell our Sirens where to put it.
Breasts $L500
Down the panties? $L1,000
Mouth, neck, thighs, and Everywhere in between? $L200
No area off limits,...Join us for the hottest Ice Play Party ... Join us for Indulge Thrills and Chills @ 7 Pm Slt on July 13th!

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Phedre Luckless

                                    Madam and Proprietor 
Your dirty little secret.. Playground... salacious little home away from home where the Sultry Indulge Sirens always welcome you in with a wicked little smile... drawing you in with their soft, sultry voices... teasing you as your eyes take in the curves of their half bare flesh... Don't you want to come play? Indulge Yourself...